Notable Landmarks

Mississinewa (Avalon) Hotel

The Mississinewa Hotel was built in 1892 by the Gas City Land Co. for $40,000. By Christmas of 1892 people were moving in. It was built for the workers who came to work in the factories. The bricks for the building were made here in Gas City and were fired by natural gas, of course. Unfortunately the building could not be saved and it was demolished in 1998.

East and West Ward Schools

East Ward School was built in 1894 by John L. Waldron. In 1923 it was remodeled and the original bell tower was removed. A gymnasium and Library were added the same year. The first class graduated in 1897 with 7 students. It first served as the High School but was later changed to an elementary school. The school is no longer in service but it is now on on the National Historic Land Registry and is in use as apartments.

West Ward School was first built as a three room school house. In 1900 John L. Waldron built the new structure. The bricks were made in Gas City. The cost of the project was $12,000 and that included the heating plant. The school always remained an elementary school. It is on the National Historic Land Registry and currently serves as the home for the Gas City Museum.

Holy Family Catholic Church

The Holy Family Catholic Church was constructed between1908 thru 1910 in the Gothic Revival style. The church boasts beautiful stained glass window that were made in Germany and brought over during the construction. The church is still very well maintained and therefore is in excellent condition.

Thompson-Ray House

The Thompson-Ray House, located on Main Street and constructed in 1902, was home to two notable Gas City families: the family John L. Thompson, founder of the Thompson Bottling Company which became part of the Owens-Illinois glass company; his son, William, who was a part of the glass company and later went on to form Kleder-Thompson Insurance Agency in Marion, Indiana; and the family of Bob and Margueritte Ray. Ray served as a long-time mayor of Gas City and his wife, who lived to be 100, played a key role in overseeing the Avalon Hotel. Local community leaders have applied to have the house on the local National Historic Land Registry, and the group has secured a Community Focus Fund grant to restore the house which will become the home of the Gas City Chamber of Commerce and non-profit group LEAD, Inc.